9:10 AM - 9:55 AM (PDT)
Purple Team Operations and Threat-Informed Defense in Practice: Lessons from the Trenches

Since the field of cybersecurity began, teams have struggled to measure a clear return on cyberdefense investment. After years of focus on advanced technology procurement and workforce development, today there’s a shift occurring in cybersecurity practice away from “speeds and feeds” and towards outcomes-based management and security program effectiveness. In this session Allan Alford, CISO/CTO of TrustMAPP and host of the Cyber Ranch podcast, will lead a discussion with Gabe Lawrence, GM of Cybsercurity Protection at Toyota, and Ben Opel, a former U.S. Marine who led the development of the Marine Corps cyberspace operational doctrine, on what it takes to successfully build and adopt a threat-informed defense strategy through purple team operations and automated testing.