11:05 AM - 11:35 AM (PDT)
A View from the US FDA: Cybersecurity in the Healthcare and Public Health Sectors

As medical devices become more digitally interconnected and interoperable, they can improve the care patients receive and create efficiencies in the health care system. However, medical devices, like computer systems, can be vulnerable to security breaches, potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness of the device. What is the role of the US FDA in cybersecurity? Hear from one of the US FDA's leading experts, Dr. Suzanne Schwartz, Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation, Center for Devices & Radiological Health. She'll share how the US FDA is working to protect public health by fostering collaboration, preparing for cyber intrusions, reducing medical device vulnerabilities, mitigating potential impacts on patients, and enabling timely restoration of devices and systems.