Full Name
Neal Bridges
INE Training
Job Title
Chief Content Officer
Speaker Bio
Neal Bridges, a former NSA hacker, is a cybersecurity influencer, streamer, and expert who works to bring all aspects of cybersecurity to everyone from the board all the way to the new career entrant. In his day job, he is the Chief Content Officer for INE Training where he drives the technical content strategy for the industries most experienced instructors in Cloud, Networking, Data Science, and Cyber Security. Having spent his entire career in cyber, some of Neal's many accolades include building the US Air Force's first function cyber training unit that trained all offensive cyber operators at the NSA and other government entities, he has built numerous Red Teams for Fortune 100's, led Incident and Threat Management teams for PwC Midwest, and built fully operational, global, security operations teams for industry cornerstones such as Abbott Labs and Mondelez International.
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Neal Bridges