8:45 AM - 9:20 AM (PDT)
Modern Threat Hunting | Defending Our Physical & Digital Supply Chains

Modern Threat Hunting with Vicente Diaz, Threat Intelligence Strategist, Google

Threat hunting is one of the most popular techniques used by security analysts for all kinds of investigations. It is both science and, to some degree, inspiration. However in the last years the security industry has developed new tools and techniques that can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our threat hunting. In particular, similarity and automatic Yara generation are key when dealing with large amounts of data. In this talk we learn what's new in the process of threat hunting and showcase how to leverage new techniques available for analysts to step research up to the next level.


Defending Our Physical & Digital Supply Chains with John Boyle, Senior Strategy Lead, Security, Manageability, Serviceability & Supply Chain, Dell

Information technology is creating a more connected world, and our dependence on technology for all aspects of our lives continues to increase. However, the advanced technology and sophisticated logistics networks that support this connectivity are facing unprecedented attacks, which risk undermining the trust on which growth, prosperity, and international relations rest. Complicating matters further, the complexity, sophistication and potential impact of attacks also have increased substantially over time. This session will focus on taking a holistic approach to protecting supply chains and delivering products, solutions and services that customers can trust. John will clearly define the modern supply chain (both physical and digital), provide examples of past attacks, current threats and how security governance, risk management and preventative threat assessment are critical to safeguarding the performance and integrity of global supply chains. The session will further examine a posture of “defense-in-depth” and “defense-in-breadth” that involves multiple layers of preventative measures and controls to mitigate threats that could be introduced into global critical infrastructure supply chains.