9:45 AM - 10:43 AM (PDT)
Strategic Imperatives In Cyberdefense Operations

Nation-state and cybercriminal adversaries are investing substantially in cyberoffensive capabilities in order to accomplish their objectives. Year over year, we continue to see a massive escalation in both frequency and severity of attacks. While organizations are spending more than ever before in the modern history of defensive cyberoperations, the unfortunate success of adversaries is measured in the trillions of dollars lost. Some argue we are involved in a kind of low-intensity, asymmetric warfare. For every dollar a cyberadversay spends we have to spend $100 on defense. It is clear we must shift our strategy, as governments and as capitalist markets, if we wish to maintain our strategic advantages. In the digital era, every organization can be considered a technology company. Whether you provide electricity, banking, public transportation or government services, you are increasingly dependent upon the internet and network connectively to make money, save lives, and provide services to citizens. If all organizations are technology companies, that means all companies need to prioritize cybersecurity as a strategic imperative to ensure they are connected, digitized, and defended.

In this fireside chat,  Lt. Gen. Lori Reynolds (ret'd), US Marine Corps, former Commander of U.S. Marine Corps Cyberspace Command, and Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer of AttackIQ and former Chief Information Security Officer of the U.S. Marine Corps., will discuss strategic questions that organizations need to ask and answer as part of a proactive plan to stop cyberadversaries from disrupting operations. You will also learn about how Cyber Command and the NSA are sharing intelligence, as well as how to access this intelligence.
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