Full Name
Martin Petersen
Job Title
Head of Information Security
Speaker Bio

Martin joined ISS in December 2018 as Global Information Security Manager. In June 2020, he was appointed as Head of Information Security. Since October 2021, Martin is now Chief Information Security Officer, working with strategic information and cyber security. The main purpose of Martin's function is to protect the ISS brand and operation, instill trust in our services and gain a competitive advantage by being the most secure facility management provider in the industry. Martin is excited about technology, strategy and people working around and with it, and enjoys the challenges that are thrown at him in environments requiring his flexibility, hands-on engagement and hard-to-bend positive attitude. Before joining ISS, Martin worked in PwC for 4 years as a Manager and Assistant Consultant across various industries with a focus on information security services. Martin graduated from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Martin Petersen