8:00 AM - 8:40 AM (PDT)
Opening Keynote
Opening Keynote

In this keynote session, AttackIQ CEO Brett Galloway discusses how to achieve operational excellence in your cybersecurity practice with better management, clarity in assessing performance, and a clear plan for improving your position and making positive change happen. Kick the conference off right with this opening statement!  

Following Brett Galloway's warm welcome, two senior cybersecurity leaders will discuss how technologies have evolved over the last decade to create both opportunities and challenges in security, and the ways in which threat actors today conduct escalating attacks against key elements of society from national security systems to the financial sector to democratic processes.  They will look at how security evolved from the 1990s to the present, from centralized computing to decentralized computing and back again, and focus on the adoption of zero trust and confidential computing in stopping attacks on high-value data. Today the U.S. government has made zero trust a hallmark of its strategy. Is this the right approach?  What can teams do to adopt a truly effective zero trust strategy? What lessons does the past offer for operators, managers, and national leaders? Tune in to listen to Greg Lavender, CTO of Intel, and Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer at AttackIQ, as they draw on lessons from history and examine the opportunities of the present world in Evolution of Cybersecurity.  

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