Full Name
Tracey Webb
Global Data Systems
Job Title
Director of Information and Cyber Security Operations
Speaker Bio

I am a 50-year-old military veteran with over 30 years of verifiable experience and accomplishments in Combat, Signals Intelligence, Cryptography, RF, Satcom, OT, IT, Info, Data, and Cyber security. I maintain growth and success in every stage of my military, personal, and professional career. As recently as 2019, I held security clearances up to TS/SCI.

My career roles include Senior Engineer, Senior Consultant, Architect, Senior Manager, Director, Founder, President, COO, Advisory CISO, Advisory Board Member, Lead Instructor. I worked with companies to include fortune 100, including verticles MSP, MSSP, oil and gas, medical, financial, shipping, trucking, and education. My state and local government experience gave me an informed perspective on its business impact. Roles in the federal government and the military in/out of CONUS give me global expertise and reach.

My leadership keys are experience as a military tactical leader and team builder deployed in 25 countries. As a business founder and owner of a high technology company, I successfully navigated entrepreneurship, business planning, finance, funding development, profit and loss, products and services deployment, operations, support, customer-facing deal ownership, creating a maximum return on investment, and a successful brand name. My experience in several market verticals allows me to bring the best of each together. I combine those experiences to drive mission success.

A human-oriented tactical and strategic leadership style is proven successful at every stage of my career and business, recruiting and maintaining knowledgeable and motivated individuals up to large technical teams. I have and still do, learn from my leadership failures and quickly pivot back to the people working with me to identify, modify, and set a new course towards winning. Mission first.

Currently, I am the Director of Information and Cyber Security Operations at Global Data Systems. I assumed the role three years ago to harden the GDS corp infrastructure and reduce organizational risk. I assembled a team of security experts to become a world-class MSSP. Since joining GDS, we have created future-forward risk management products and services. We focus our efforts on our client "Security Maturity Leveling Framework." The most exciting news is that the GDS team, in just three years, is also ready to come to market with our SOCaaS offering.

Tracey Webb