11:45 AM - 12:35 PM (PDT)
Closing Keynote

How to Catch the Winds of Luck
The confusion between fortune, chance, and luck speaks to the fact that most people aren’t fully aware of how much control they have over their own fate. If you look closely though, you will see lots of ways to increase your luck. The key is understanding that luck is rarely a lightning strike— isolated and dramatic — but a wind that blows constantly. Join Dr. Tina Seelig from Stanford University, with Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief and publisher of Stuff, in an insightful conversation around how to catch the winds of luck in your profession and daily life.  

Happiness and Leadership
A central tenet is that happiness is key to being an effective leader. Happiness isn’t just a product of chance, genes, or life circumstances, but of habitually tending to four key areas — family, friends, meaningful work, and faith or life philosophy. Learn how to think carefully about each of the four parts of your portfolio in this lecture from Harvard Business School Professor Arthur Brooks.