Purple Hats 2023

Join us for the 3rd annual, award-winning virtual Purple Hats Conference — the industry destination for cybersecurity practitioners to collaborate, share ideas, and learn how to evolve from a reactive to proactive threat-informed defense! 

Founded by AttackIQ, Purple Hats provides free access to globally recognized experts, technical content, and innovative techniques for improving your security posture and building a stronger, more collaborative team.

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Purple Hats 2023 Emcees

Chris Cochran
Chris Cochran
Founder & Producer
Hacker Valley Media
Ronald Eddings
Ronald Eddings
Hacker Valley Media

Purple Hats 2023 Featured Speakers

Brett Galloway
Brett Galloway
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jannell MacAulay
Dr. Jannell MacAulay
Human Performance Specialist, Executive Leadership Consultant, Combat Veteran and Leader
Greg Lavender
Greg Lavender
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), General Manager of the Software and Advanced Technology Group (SATG)

Breakout Session Tracks

Cybersecurity Best Practices for
Operational Excellence

With new and mounting attacks on nearly every industry around the globe, organizations with strong cybersecurity practices aren't just looking for operational "strength" -- they're looking for operational excellence. This track will help you focus on looking at what new strategies and tactics can be employed to ensure success in defending against nation states and criminal groups looking to disrupt operations. Hear from leading thinkers and practitioners who are fighting the fight with you and have actionable insights to share.

TID talks!

You've heard of TED Talks...but are you ready for TID (Threat-informed Defense) Talks? This year we called cybersecurity pros around the world to share their best practices with you in quick, 20-minute intensives. Get ready to learn from your peers in security in a rapid-fire format!

Leading in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity leaders today lack data-driven visibility into their security effectiveness, and the result is they don’t know how well their security controls will perform against known threats. How can they solve that problem? Too often the world focuses on the “technology” aspect of cybersecurity, favoring looking at speeds and feeds over time-tested leadership principles and practices. This talk track distills the unique challenges facing those tasked to lead teams in a complex environment, and offers clear examples from the field on how to succeed.

Tech Confidence

Red teamers, blue teamers, security architects, cybersecurity tech enthusiasts -- this track is for you. We'll deep dive into the more technical aspects of a strong, reliable security tech stack, helping ensure you have the info you need around advanced reporting with Jupyter notebooks, operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK, details on how to effectively validate your security controls, utilizing Attack Graphs and more.

Threat Informed Defense & MITRE ATT&CK

Since MITRE ATT&CK was published in 2015, it has led to a transformation in how security teams think about threats and approach cybersecurity effectiveness. In this talk track, join leading practitioners of threat-informed defense to discuss the state of research and the state of the practice in how teams elevate their security program performance.

What attendees are saying:

"I appreciated hearing experiences of leading practitioners and sharing their thoughts, ideas and suggestions for strengthening security practices in an enterprise. Learning from the best minds in business."

"I enjoyed the variety of topics and sessions. The variety provided an opportunity to gain various insights that are not commonly offered. I also enjoyed that very little was vendor driven and muchwas experience driven"

Agenda at a Glance

Thursday, April 6, 2023 || 8 AM PT || 11 AM ET || 4 PM BST

Cloud Security for Dummies

Click here for a practical guide for building a purple team to maximize your security effectiveness.

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Breakout Sessions : 

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8:00 AM - 8:30 AM PDT

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