Giving Back at Purple Hats

At AttackIQ we believe in giving back not only to the cybersecurity community, but to the world as a whole. With our special Earth Day theme this year, we’re honored to support a number of worthy organizations working every day to make our planet a better place:  



We have a couple great opportunities for our Purple Hats 2022 attendees to join us in supporting these organizations:  

  1. Your participation: During Purple Hats 2022, attendees will receive points for engaging throughout the event via chats, polls, Q&A, and surveys, and will be entered in a raffle where one lucky winner will select a supported organization to receive $1000. 

  2. Your contributions: If you inspired to do so, we encourage you to donate to any of our supported organizations via the links above.  


Thank you for being a part of our Purple Hats community and for supporting the greater good!