Purple Hats 2022 Customer Awards

We’re excited to announce our new annual customer awards program, the Purple Hats Customer Awards.

We’re honoring experts that put threat-informed defense into practice and make a difference for the cybersecurity community. You can nominate an outstanding member of your team – or another AttackIQ customer whom you know is doing great work for the community.

Award Categories:
Thought Leadership Award: Cybersecurity Trailblazer

This award recognizes an innovative cybersecurity leader (CTO, CISO or VP-level) who has delivered a threat-informed defense strategy in their company and across the community through publications, speaking at industry events, or by making other public contributions to help further the practice of a threat-informed defense.

Team Transformer Award: The Purple Team Transformer
This award celebrates a team that has leveraged the MITRE ATT&CK framework and AttackIQ Security Optimization platform to improve their cybersecurity effectiveness. They use data effectively to adjust their security programs and create a purple team construct to improve their team’s overall cyberdefense posture.

Best Citizen Award: Cybersecurity Community Builder
This award is for an individual that is committed to serving our cybersecurity workforce, from bringing in new training programs to supporting leadership development to make cybersecurity a more inclusive and equitable as a field.

For further inquiries, please contact christie.vaughan@attackiq.com.

Meet the Judges

Ronald Eddings 

Co-Founder & Executive Producer 
Hacker Valley Media 

Chris Cochran 

Co-founder & CEO  
Hacker Valley Media 

Allan Alford 


Loretta (Lori) Reynolds

Lieutenant General 
United States Marine Corps (Ret.)